About me

Luba Popovic BLACK PNG.png

Hi, my name is Luba.

I’m like your friend, standing in front of you, holding a top-notch smartphone to take a portrait picture of you that you need to impress visitors to your website's „about us“ section, or to give to your spouse when you forgot to buy a REAL gift, or to simply show people that you can look better on photo than that questionable picture in your driver’s license that you took back when you couldn’t even go to your friend’s place without asking Mom first.
 Except: unlike your friend who might be cooler to hang out with, I actually know what the heck I’m doing. (Actually, I WOULD wanna challenge your friend on the “cooler to hang out with” thing, too).
 Taking pictures though, that’s my stuff. I am a Vancouver based, photographer specialized in portrait and corporate photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. I create image films for your businesses that are so awe-inspiring, it will make your competitors fear you. And possibly love you.
 Anyways. I’m still like that friend though. No awkwardness when taking your pictures. I’ll make you laugh. No doubt. I'll make you feel comfortable. And I’ll make you look good. For sure.
 The same goes for your products. I’ll make them look so good, you will start buying them yourself and be confused about whom to pay for it.
 It goes without saying that you shouldn’t have an event without your friends and business partners present. As I’m both, I will be there and provide you with awesome event photography or filming.
 As long as I get a piece of the cake. I mean, both cakes: The sweet one on the table and the sweeter one in your wallet.
 Anyways, somehow I drifted off into advertising myself. All I REALLY wanted to say is:
I love photography. And it loves me back.